About Full Circle Africa

Full circle Africa is a social enterprise founded in June 2011, by Philip Bai Sesay Jr (LinkedIn profile). It started off as a plastic recycling business to help manage waste and reduce unemployment among youth in Sierra Leone.

In 2012 Full Circle Africa (FCA) started using its hands on experience to provide free teachings, trainings, coaching and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. FCA has since moved on to teach business at various youth camps, and to organize and host business seminars and trainings.

Since 2013 FCA has separated the organization’s operations based on activities and the demand in the market:

  • Full Circle Africa Designs (FCAD) is the recycling and manufacturing arm of the organization. It manufactures bags, purses, wallets, computer bags, files suitable for meetings and conferences- all products are from post consumer plastics.
  • Full Circle Africa Solutions (FCAS) is the consulting arm of FCA. It provides services in Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Business Coaching and Mentorship, Business Incubation, Career Path Development, Idea to Opportunity Mapping, and Human Resource Recruitment.
  • Full Circle Africa Laundry (FCAL) is an operation offering laundry and ironing services in and around the Freetown area.


Within eleven months of providing services, FCAS has worked with and developed seven new businesses and three existing ones - with some businesses making an average monthly turnover of two million Leones (Le 2,000,000) to three million Leones (Le 3,000,000).

FCAS under the Waste to Wealth Project managed and supervised the construction of a recycling hub in Makeni that will contribute immensely to waste management and job creation in Makeni.

FCAS has recruited and provided staff support for World Hope International on a UNICEF funded project.


In 2012 FCA participated in a business idea competition organized by UNIDO and Manor River Union emerging in first place. The CEO on behalf of the organization was given a grant to study Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation in India.

In 2013 FCA was nominated for the National Youth Excellence Awards in Entrepreneurship-the CEO on behalf of the organization received the award for entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone.

In 2013 the organization also worn the first price at the Entrepreneurs Nest organized by Life-By-Design.